Why and How and What

What We Do

Make Badass Bags out of recycled fabrics. Fanny packs were functional, and the Stank Weasel is functional AND fashionable. 

Music Festivals & Craft fairs We sell our wares all over the country at festivals & fairs. Where we also teach hula hoop classes, do astrology readings, glitter tattoos, ETC. Our booth always has fun expressive activities. 

Teach Hula Hooping and Screen Printing When we're not making and expressing ourselves, we're teaching others how to do it through movement and printing. 

Fashion Shows Stank Weasel also has a costume line that has made it to several runways around North Carolina. With the fashion lines we've hand dyed, felted, and fused plastic to make some elaborate costumes. Check out the Blog to see examples. 

Why We Do It

To Eliminate Textile Waste
5% of landfills are filled with textiles. The average american throws away 70lbs of fabric a year.

Sustainable Self Expression to sustain the expression of self. We want you to keep being you, and vise versa. Keep the arts alive, keep expressing, encourage expression! 


To eventually create Stank Weasel Studios Which will be a studio space dedicated to helping the community as individuals discover how they would like to express them selves. By offering visual and performing arts classes. Aerial Silks, Hula Hoop, Painting, Poetry etc. 

What The Next Step Is

Kickstarter: Tools, Materials, Production/sales space (rent for 6 months), Festival fees for 1 season, a festival vehicle/trailer.



Studio Space
First thing we need a space to really set in to do production. Ideally a space that can also be for retail sales. 

How You Can Help

Donate for our tools, studio rent, festival fees, etc. Donate your knowledge. Where can we find a studio in an area that would want us? 

Work Trade Help make Weasels, advertise Weasels, sell Weasels in exchange for Stank Products or to put Stank Weasel on your resume. 


Why the name Stank Weasel?

Ferrets. That's why. Those who helped to begin Stank Weasel had grown up with ferrets. And despite their incredible intelligence, the adorable way they hop and chortle...the first thing people would say about them was "Ick.. they smell." 
So we figured, why deny it? OWN IT.

Own what makes you, you. Not everyone is going to like everything about you. So what. Let those who see the good in you be the ones you keep around. Own who you are and EXPRESS IT. Be proud of the person that you are. You're amazing.  GO SHOW THE WORLD.