Here we are.
At The Stank Weasel Blog.
Here we'll be updating you about where in the world Alex, The Stank Weasel, is and what she's up to. 
And Stank Weasel... is a bag company.
We focus on making unique products out of recycled materials and promote Sustainable Self Expression. 
SUSTAINABLE SELF EXPRESSION: Sustaining the expression of self by inspiring and encouraging the artists and children in all of us. 

Right now we're focusing on the sustainable part, by using recycled textiles to make our bags, employing local people of North Carolina, and by truckin' through the challenges that come with being a handmade textile arts business in the USA. 

THE BIG GOAL: To have a studio with the idea of Sustainable Self Expression in mind. An arts studio. Teaching Circus arts such as Aerial Silks, hula hooping, parkour, etc. Along with yoga classes, meditation, drawing, painting, sewing, earth skills, healing workshops, poetry readings... if you've got something expressive or sustainable to teach or showcase we want it at Stank Weasel Studios. 
A gift shop and Tea/Coffee bar will also be present, with local and handcrafted goods.
We're dreaming!!
And that dream doesn't seem too far away. 
After some inspiration in Asia 12/2016--04/2017, we'll be looking for a new production studio in the USA in May 2017. Looking in North Carolina and Philadelphia areas. 

Stay tuned.
Stank Weasel had a Costume Line and we've got updates about the Pittsboro Pepper Festival Hot Glam Fashion Show in the next post.